Port Sarim is one of the friendliest places in Gielinor in Runescape

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If towns were defined by the characters living within them, Port Sarim would be serving a life in jail, living by its wits, or would have died long ago from a cutlass deep in its chest. It is home to only the most unsavory types: pirates, muggers and more, looking for their next pint and a place to spend the night.

You might be surprised, then, to learn that Port Sarim is one of the friendliest places in Gielinor. The majority of the city’s trade is made through its famous docks, with the residents more than willing to accept any new travellers and adventurers with open arms. It’s also the perfect place to make friends with your first pirate, or negotiate passage to other areas.

A huge range of other locales are accessible from Port Sarim, such as the jungle island of Karamja, pacifist Entrana or the Guthixian Void Knight Outpost. Travelling doesn’t come for free, though, so make sure you have plenty of funds reserved to pay for your trip.

Port Sarim lies directly south of Falador, the Asgarnian capital, and slightly west of Draynor Village.Further east, beyond Draynor Village, is the peaceful town of Lumbridge, where young adventurers cut their teeth before wandering out into a more dangerous world.Past Rimmington to the west, across the seas, is the island of Karamja, home of the decidedly more piratical Brimhaven.

From the docks, adventurers can sail to Karamja, Entrana or the Void Knight Outpost. Thanks to charter ships, adventurers may find themselves in all manner of ports around RuneScape if they have the funds to buy a ticket.If you own an overgrown cat and wish to train it up to a wily cat, or already own a wily cat in need of some exercise, then the Rat Pit is the place for you.The magic shop in Port Sarim stocks a nice supply of runes, as well as eye of newts.

Just south-west of the town, and immediately west of the prison, is a church where you can pray to recharge your prayer points.There is a farming patch in the north-east of the town where farmers may grow a spirit tree, while north of the town is a solitary yew tree, waiting to be felled by a competent lumberjack.

If you’re running short of bolts for your crossbow, there are a couple of spawn points in the houses west of the Rusty Anchor.Members who have completed the Rat Catchers quest and wish to train their overgrown cat to become a wily cat will need to talk to Felkrash in the Rat Pit. She can also rename cats.Though there is no bank in Port Sarim, the nearest ones are in Draynor and Falador.

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It is a multi combat area in Runescape

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The Necromancer Tower is a tower south of East Ardougne where a few necromancers reside. It is a multi-combat area.

The Necromancer Tower is south of East Ardougne and north-east of the Tower of Life. Besides walking, the tower can be easily reached by two teleport methods:Ardougne Teleport brings the player to the East Ardougne marketplace, with the tower to the south.Fairy ring DJP brings the player right next to the tower. Use of fairy rings requires partial completion of the quest A Fairy Tale Part II.

The closest bank without using teleportation is the one south of the marketplace in East Ardougne. The map shows the shortest route between the bank and the Tower of Life, and the same route can be used for the Necromancer Tower (note that players do not have to go through the Ardougne Zoo using this route). If players can use fairy rings, then the bank in Zanaris is closer.

Players can speak with Irwin Feaselbaum, who talks about the disruptions that occur all the time when adventurers confront his boss, Invrigar the Necromancer. Players cannot fight Irwin.A Necromancer also inhabits this floor. If the player fights the necromancer, he will occasionally call up Summoned Zombies that also attack the player. The necromancer will occasionally drop Zamorak robes.

If players search a bookcase on this floor, they will discover that a book is ‘On loan to the Wizards’ Guild…to be returned.’ This is probably a reference to the Necromancy book in the possession of Sithik Ints at the Wizards’ Guild.Invrigar the Necromancer lives on this floor. If you fight him, he will occasionally call up Summoned Zombies that also attack you. Invrigar also has a chance of dropping Zamorak robes.

The Necromancer Tower is the only known place near a bank where monsters occasionally drop Zamorak robes. The robes are a rare drop, however, from the Necromancer or Invrigar the Necromancer, and they only drop one item (top or bottom) at a time. The only other monsters known to drop the robes are the Disciples of Iban, found deep inside the Underground Pass dungeon, These always drop robes, both top and bottom, and Zamorak wizards.

One bookcase on the ground floor is out of reach behind the staircase and cannot be searched, despite the option for searching it being present.It is unlikely that it is just a coincidence that the Necromancer Tower (death summoning magic) is very near to the Tower of Life (life alchemy magic).Despite being a prominent feature on the map, the Necromancer Tower serves no significant purpose.

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Some items and coins spawn throughout the maze in Runescape

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The Lava Maze is a maze in Wilderness, in the mid-40s level. In the entrance and partway through the maze, there are spiderwebs that must be cut with a slash weapon or a knife.It was previously possible for players to be trapped inside the maze if they did not have a slash weapon to cut spider webs, but having the toolbelt with a knife will always allow you to cut through webs, even without a slash weapon or knife in your inventory. If a player has the Muddy key, they are allowed to open the muddy chest in the centre of the maze and retrieve treasure.

Some items and coins spawn throughout the maze. A gold necklace and steel platebody spawn at the centre near the Muddy chest. A Muddy key is required to open the chest, which contains a fair amount of treasure. The treasure consists of a mithril bar, a mithril dagger, 2 law runes, 2 death runes, some chaos runes, an uncut ruby and, bizarrely enough, an anchovy pizza!

There is also a single Fishing spot where players can catch lava eels.Outside the maze to the north are two runite ore rocks. To the west is a metal fenced area containing more lesser demons and one of the entrances to the Lava Maze Dungeon. This entrance is the one players use to reach the King Black Dragon Lair. To the south is the Hobgoblin Mine.

Three Wilderness Obelisks provide a fairly fast way to reach the maze:The obelisk in level 44 wilderness is the closest.The one in level 35 wilderness is only a bit further from the maze entrance.The one in level 27 wilderness is the furthest but is still practical. Players who run a bit west from the obelisk to the entrance will pass the Hobgoblin Mine and avoid the green dragons.

Players can also teleport to the Lava Maze by way of a lava titan’s special ability or a Superior locator.Players can also ride a canoe to the Wilderness canoe landing, arriving near the level 35 wilderness obelisk.The wilderness is a dangerous location with player killers. The maze itself is a single-combat zone, and the monsters other than the demons are little threat to mid-level players.

A penguin spy from Penguin Hide and Seek occasionally appears in the maze. At these times, the maze can often be run in relative safety on World 60, the unofficial Penguin Hide and Seek world. However, it is also possible at times to spy a penguin from the outside edge, assuming the penguin wanders close enough.As of Feb. 12, 2012 there is a glitch that causes players to seem to stand underneath the maze at certain points. This has yet to be fixed.

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Help adventurers out on their quests in Runescape

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One of the dankest areas in the whole of Gielinor, Lumbridge Swamp is home to all manner of pests, parasites and insects that want to buzz about and feast on juicy warriors who have accidentally stumbled upon it.

An enormous mass of unkempt land, Lumbridge Swamp is still home to a variety of characters that can help adventurers out on their quests. Keep in mind, though, that they don’t particularly want to live there. Anybody that lives in Lumbridge Swamp needs a good reason to do so…

The entire southern and south-westerly area of Lumbridge is swampland. Walking south, west or east through the swamp will bring you to the sea that cuts short the southern end of Misthalin. To get to Lumbridge, you can either walk around the wall that marks the northern edge of the swamp, or head north from the mining site in the south-east of the swamp to follow a path into Lumbridge graveyard.

North-west of the swamp is Draynor Village, which lies along the border with Asgarnia, though it remains a town of Misthalin. If you travel west along the coast from the swamp you will reach the long bridge that connects the Wizards’ Tower to the mainland.

Despite it being one of the dankest places in Gielinor, Lumbridge Swamp still offers plenty of adventure for travellers of all types. To the east and south-west are mines, for instance, which can issue treasure and challenges when players least expect it. The mine in the south-west has higher level ores to mine, and presents more of a challenge.

The entrance to the Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon is deep inside the swamp, and is watched over by a canny salesman, who will exploit the naivety of unprepared explorers and try to sell them candles to navigate their way through the dark. The observant runecrafter will also be able to find the Water Altar within the mess of swamp plants in the area.

Father Urhney, an old hermit priest, lives in the west of the swamp, and can offer useful information when times are tough, despite his crabby nature. North of Father Urhney’s home is a camp of trackers in pursuit of their next adventure.

The empty shack in the swamp is not so empty: searching the shack may provide members with several useful gardening tools.Swamp tar spawns in various spots around the swamp.If you’ve lost the zombie head from the Hallowe’en event, you can dig up a new one in the swamp where the zombies were. See the Holiday Items Guide for more details.

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The Observatory complex is mostly used during the Observatory Quest in Runescape

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The Observatory complex is mostly used during the Observatory Quest. It consists of four parts. The area was overrun by goblins, who have damaged the telescope, and players must fix it during the quest. The original bridge to the observatory has been destroyed, so you must go underground at the Ruined buildings and through the Observatory Dungeon to get to it.

The fastest way to reach the observatory is by using a Ring Of Duelling to teleport to Castle Wars (or use Lodestone network and go to Yanille) Then run North, crossing two small bridges.

The observatory reception is a small building north of the observatory itself. The Observatory professor is here at the start of the Observatory Quest, along with his assistant. There is a range in the building and a well just outside. On two tables are copies of the Astronomy book and the Glassblowing book. There is a Large orrery in the centre of the room, and a chart on the wall that keeps track of Shooting Stars that have landed.

North-east of the Observatory are three ruined buildings. The western building has the staircase which leads down to the Observatory Dungeon. The southern building has a spawn of a single dose of Super anti-poison potion. In the middle are three goblins: Creakyknees, Smellytoes and Greasycheeks.

Players need to go through the Observatory Dungeon to get to the observatory itself. It is overrun by low-level goblins. See the The Lens Mould Quest page for more details. As of 9 November 2009, music has been added back to the Observatory’s dungeon area.

The Observatory is the main place of study for astronomy. There are two levels to the observatory building. On the bottom level there are some star charts, which show the 12 constellations. On the upper level is the telescope itself, and after you have finished the Observatory Quest, the Observatory professor. You can look through the telescope to see a constellation.

Though the design of the telescope is from Scorpius, the original has gone, and the current structure is a reproduction.

There is also a noticeboard in the Observatory which notes the last five people to have found Shooting Stars. This is used in the easy Ardougne Tasks.

When you look at the world map and search for the coordinates: 00 degrees 00 minutes North 00 degrees 00 minutes South you will see that the centre of the observatory has these coordinates.

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Players may find it a good place to train in Runescape

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Moss Giant Island is a small island just off the northwest corner of Karamja. Level 10 Agility is required to swing on the tree-hung rope to access this island. There are 5 Moss giants on the island, all level 42 and mostly aggressive. There are a few safespots as well, allowing for Ranged and Magic. Unlike other Moss giant spawns, this place is relatively vacant.

Two slices of cake respawn on the island. Each slice of cake restores 40 life points. It respawns approximately every 54 seconds and may prove to be a decent source of food for low levelled players.

As the island is usually empty, players may find it a good place to train. The giants are aggressive unless the player has a combat level of 85 and above or on the island for an extended period of time, and there are some spots to stand where more than one will attack you without having to move making it a good place to train attack or slayer. However, some players find that the numerous trees growing on the island can slow them down.

Many players like to use a multicannon on slayer tasks. A good place to put your cannon is in the clearing on the south of the island, then sit to the west of it. Then the cannon will rotate and shoot two of the moss giants, while another will spawn on top of your cannon that you can attack yourself.

As a side note, if you stand near the west side on high detail you will get a glimpse of an island. There are two willow trees on it. This is probably the peninsula with the Necromancer’s Tower. Also, if you stand on the south-west part of the island with your mini-map pointing west, you can see two boats in the water. This island is also a possible place to go to for a Treasure Trail clue.

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Although the changes in scenery are appreciated by some of the public

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They often chop some normal trees which can be only used to make fire

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Sometimes, you can mine the steel which is also costly. When you mine them at the certain numbers of steel, you can collect them in your bank. Until you have lots of them and you take them to sell at the general store to gain much old school runescape money.
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Below is a sewer dungeon teeming with danger and infected in Runescape

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Wandering the sewers are powerful enemies, such as moss giants that go all the way up to level 42. Only enter if you think you’re ready!Varrock is one of the most important cities in the whole of Gielinor, with bustling traffic passing through on a daily basis. But, for all the hustle and bustle of the affluent surface, below is a sewer dungeon teeming with danger and infected with only the most vile creatures.

The Varrock Sewers are located beneath the bustling city of Varrock. When looking to access them, you’ll need to look for an open manhole cover.The deeper you venture into Varrock Sewers, the greater and more difficult the challenge becomes. The sewers are defined by their claustrophobic corridors, with the greatest dangers located in the room where moss giants lurk, looking to slaughter anything that crosses their path.

Members can access a connecting pipe in the moss giant room that takes them through to Edgeville Dungeon. This room also contains a spawn point for red spiders’ eggs, which are ingredients in Herblore potions.Members will find the monsters in Varrock Sewers useful as some drop items such as herbs (zombies) and seeds for your Farming skill (moss giants).

There is a red spider’s egg respawn in the far section of the sewers.Monsters such as zombies and skeletons are weak against the ‘Crumble Undead’ spell.Use your Agility to your advantage if you are going to/from Edgeville Dungeon.In the area with zombies, you can climb up into a small room containing bears if you are looking for some.Players with level 65 dungeoneering will be able to find a mysterious entrance in Varrock Sewers.

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The Volcano plays an important part in Runescape

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The Karamja Volcano is a volcano located on Karamja, west of Musa Point. This Volcano houses a dungeon where the mighty dragon Elvarg lives, and its core houses the TzHaar city. The TzHaar City entrance was moved from the Crandor and Karamja Dungeon to the top of the volcano with the Update:TzHaar Quest, Minigame and Graphical Rework of 14 February 2012. There is also a passageway to the remains of the destroyed city-state of Crandor.

The Volcano appears to be dormant, as no recent activity has been noticed. This may also be because of the TzHaar living inside.The Volcano plays an important part in the Dragon Slayer and TokTz-Ket-Dill quests.

Many people come here to access the dungeon below, especially to attack the lesser demons. The dungeon also contains access to a resource dungeon that contains even more lesser demons; the resource dungeon requires level 25 Dungeoneering to enter.

Stiles can be found sitting at the south face of the volcano, and will readily trade the respective bank notes for raw or cooked swordfish, lobster and tuna. There is also a summoning obelisk at the summit of the volcano, and the top is also covered with many dead trees which can be cut to provide logs for cooking fish – a useful resource for fighters descending to do battle with the monsters below. In addition, level 20 scorpions patrol the area, making it a potential training ground for people seeking to raise their combat levels.

Imps appear more frequently on top of Karamja Volcano than elsewhere and in even greater numbers in the resource dungeon, making it a good place to stake out imps for champion scrolls and magic beads for the Imp Catcher quest and imp trapping.

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