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Is There Any Skills Should Be Improved In PoE

It comes as no surprise that Path of Exile is indeed a great game. However, personally, I think that some skills should be updated, I saw in the forum most of the players have the same idea. The following content is what skills I think need to be improved.

1) I think the biggest problem is when the game was back in beta, the selling point was that your skills are poe items, but more so, you define them! Two witches using fireball could have their fireball doing wildly different things, one fast with big explosions or the other chaining/forking all around.

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2) Ice Spear. Not because it’s necessarily bad, but because the niche it once filled – being the easy crit-cap skill – is filled by basically everything these days, which makes its lower damage (and damage effectiveness) harder to justify with the large crit chance boost, especially given that the best way to take advantage of high crit chance – crit multi – is paired on the tree with more than enough crit chance to take IS past the cap.

3) Double and Dual Strike. There’s some sorta gimmicky stuff you can do with Double and Dual Strike (LL Last Resort with a DPS claw in mainhand comes to mind for Double Strike), but overall they’re just uninteresting with a lack of secondary backbone mechanics or solid AoE like exists with Sunder, Lacerate, or Reave.

4) Ice Nova and Vortex. These skills have the Sweep/EQ/Ice Crash problem of kinda pissing in each others’ cereal – either Vortex is good, and Ice Nova sees no use, or Ice Nova is good, and Vortex sees no use. I think they could use a little bit more to differentiate between the two – given Vortex’s theme of chilling, I think giving it a small damage reduction and then a bonus with hit damage against chilled enemies could be neat.

5) Vaal skills. Pretty much just across the board, with a handful of exceptions (Vaal Clarity 4 life), Vaal skills are really hard to justify using over a support setup (golems, CwDT, etc.) I think GGG needs to revisit them as a whole and decide what they should be in the current state of the game – be it boss nukes, map-clearers, or panic buttons. Figure out what they’re best for, and make them good at it without necessarily being busted.

There are many similar suggestions, and I will not list them one by one. If you do not want to lag behind others due to lack of orbs, you can buy poe orbs on U4GM.

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