Buff the killable NPC

As i’ve noticed the last couple of days, some monsters in RuneScape are way too easy to kill at the moment. Perhaps it is necessary to buff some high level monster (For example the “Skeletal Horror” and “Bork”.)
Before the Runescape EOC, these monster took a lot more effort to kill. Now it’s just three mouse clicks and you’re done.

It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to give them some special abilities to make the fights more interesting.There are so many monsters that were tough to kill before EOC, and are a piece of cake in EOC, so if you by any chance have time to take a look at them, it will make the fights a lot more interesting.

I don’t know if other people agree with me, or have anything else to add to this, comment for reaction.I’m not sure if I’ve done Bork in the EoC, but the Skeletal Horror seems fine. Honestly, it’s one of the monsters with the highest defense in the game, and if you don’t have level 80+ weapons you’ll never hit.

That said, yes, most monsters are now pretty easy. However, going over them all and revamping them would take a ridiculous amount of time.Should certain boss monsters be looked into and have their mechanics updated? Probably.Would it be worth the time and effort? Most likely not.