Situated in Glasgow, the mobile games publisher and developer has moved in to a brand spanking new studio to permit for growth and expansion as they gear up to release their iOS MMORPG Celtic Heroes, on Android devices of Runescape. With this additional space, Thumb Mobile are looking to expand their staff, so in case you think you might fit the bill, you check out vacancies at the company, right here. Also, you can have a gander at some shots of Celtic Heroes.
Recently, some massive names in video games development have come to the developer Paul Simon (Runescape, Lord of the Rings Online) is now Lead Game Designer, Dave Allsop (Blizzard Entertainment, Wizards of the Coast) has assumed the role of Idea Artist and Thumb Mobile new Art Director is Viktor,Most Wanted Entertainment, Eidos. On the growth and development of the company, Managing Director and Founder Richard Hasinski said something.

The growth of the mobile app markets and the worldwide audience for massively multiplayer games has created an amazing new opportunity for us. They are taking Runescape in to entirely new territory, in terms of content, in terms of quality and the platforms on which it is obtainable. To do this they are growing our team significantly. The new studio space gives us the chance to do that. They are looking for expert and experienced programmers, artists, project managers and designers with a passion for massively multiplayer online role playing games, a desire to break new ground and the ability to take the game in thrilling new directions. They have already made several key appointments and they hope to make more in the approaching weeks.