The Corporeal Beast and EquipmentStrategy

This weekend the Tip.It Monster Hunting Team his hosting a Corporeal Beast slaughter! Be sure to join us on Saturday June 8th at 7PM GMT. The friend chat for the event will be Komodo Jo.

The Corporeal Beast is currently the fourth strongest attackable monster in RuneScape, behind Queen Black Dragon, Nex, and Kalphite King . It was released on 15 September, 2008 with the Summer’s End quest, and completion of the quest is required to fight it. On 15 October, 2008, Jagex added a new attack (Stomp), which harms players underneath it. The Beast’s health bar is three times as long as usual.
It has a very high defence and 100,000 life points, making it challenging to solo. The Corporeal Beast will fully restore his life points if players leave its cavern.

Gravestones will not appear within the area. Lost items will become visible to other players after 3.5 minutes and disappear after another minute. It’s possible to get back within a minute, especially by choosing to protect the games necklace.

The Corporeal Beast

This monstrous creature is one of the strongest bosses in Runescape and is only accessible after completing the “Spirit of Summer” and “Summer’s End” quests.  He can hit very hard and has a very high amount of lifepoints, so is not to be underestimated.  We suggest that you have combat levels of 80+, but lower levels are free to come if you care to risk it!  Coinshare will be on for this event, so if we’re lucky enough to get a sigil drop the value will be split between those in the room.


The Corporeal Beast has no official weakness, and thus you may bring any of the three attack styles as long as all your gear is of the same style (for instance, don’t try and melee in mage gear, or range in melee gear).  If ranging or maging we ask that you bring the best weapon and ammo/runes you can.  If using melee you should use a spear, as non-spear weapons have their damage halved against the corp (though drygores may still be effective against him).

As far as your armor goes, wear whatever you’re willing to risk losing (as long as it matches your attack style!).You need to Buy Runescape Gold.When you die inside the lair you WILL NOT GET A GRAVE.  Instead, all your items (except those kept on death) will drop to the floor, visible only to you for a few minutes.  Make sure you have a stock of games necklaces in your bank so that you can quickly teleport back to the lair to retrieve your stuff if you die!