Case Study of the Multiple Servers of Runescape Game

Money can be made in killing dragons, and the dragon are not the virtual kinds. As one of the best-known online games, ten million users around 9 per month for the privilege of playing. Activision Blizzard, the game publisher and developer, recently announcedHowever, some games fare very well without employing the subscription model.

In fact, in the world most popular MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), with over 200 million registered accounts, it is that lots of players logging on not to mention the fact that the gameworld itself would become so crowded as it would make the London Underground in rush hour look empty.

An individual game server application supports 2,000 players without delay,says Remo Gettini, chief expertise officer at Jagex, the game developers. We can have various kinds of these on a physical server, usually somewhere between 9 and 11, depending on the server hardware. The exact number of concurrent players scales with the number of physical servers they already have. We tend to sit at around 50-60 per-cent of our capacity, with room to turn on more servers if they need, but in a standard day at peak they have hundreds of thousands of concurrent players. This number has remained stable over the past few years, although the number runescape gold of game servers which a physical server box can support has increased as they have obtained more multiprocessor machines, so they have consolidated a bit.