Should we be allowed the ois

Before people start pointing fingers im not a change hater, ill never be that. i just simply dont like the NIS. ive tried to addopt and ive tried various different interface setting but nothing seems to pleace me. yes, the NIS looks fancy and fixes a few problems, but the old interface was good too. most people dont like the NIS, doesnt mean there anti-change, its there opinion. do you really want the same thing to happen as what happened when Runescape EOC was realesed? or when the wildy was removed?

so im asking as nicely as a can. please re-add the old interface into the game but by all means keep the new one. please jagex, just this once, do the right thing.

-a player with hope, duck sauce2.Most likely, glad you agree with me, if jagex doesnt act fast there will be a mass quting, oh wait, already happened.

Should we? Yes! Will we? No! We don’t even get asked if we want a choice any more.

Of course, the old interface should have been made customiseable and not simply replaced by unscaleable, ugly, obstructing, (I could go on… ) oblong boxes – some of which can’t even be closed after initialising.

Mass quitting huh – funny you mention that. I asked one of only two people on my FL earlier this evening where everyone was? Pee’d off with the NIS was the answer.Too many of my friends already quit and now this? It’s very sad and disheartening.
Fortunately I have a large enough monitor to shrink the 3d world and put all the boxes around and off of my playing area – apart from the EOC girly bar thingy. So I’m OK.