Reasons for no GWD from most players I’ve spoken

Reasons for no GWD from most players I’ve spoken:
Pking – Armadyl Godsword prods
Keep it 07 Scape
I’ll quit if they release it. RS 2007 Gold.

Now something I’d really like to talk about,
looks at the pros and cons

Thousands of hours of end game content
New equipment, weapons.
Community emphasis.
Cons:Runescape Gold.
Pking prods
People whining/quitting.

This really leads me to believe GWD would probably be the best update for 07 scape.
Anyone who soley believes it would ruin the experiance is an imbecile, because it would greatly improve the experience for a majority of players that are playing the game currently,
I do believe if a vote ever came up it would probably not pass due to pures and people following what most other people are voting on,without actually sitting there and thinking what a difference it would make to the overall experience of the game.

Now i’ll leave you something to think about.Runescape 2007 Gold.

No overloads
No dragon claws
No OP weapons
No summoning familars
20-50 people with whips sitting in bandos, with the occasional godsword.