Bring back seren

I’ve thought of a few ways to bring back the Goddess Seren, Goddess of the Elves, Harmony and Growth.


She’s epic, ’nuff said. One of the few female runescape gold(desses), and was, ‘At her strongest, tier 2, along with Guthix and Zaros’.

Possible way to bring her back:
Elven Storyline Continuation. She’s the Goddess of Growth/Harmony.. And also the Elves. She plays a massive part in the lore behind the Elves, and it’s said she turned into shards of crystal scattered throughout the elven lands. It is also believed that, if the crystal should be gathered together, she would be brought back.

To build upon that, she is also hinted at being the divine aspect of the Anima Mundi, or the ‘Soul of the Earth’. After the world-shattering event of Guthix’s death at Sliske’s hands, the world was said to have been fundamentally damaged. With her being so in-tune with the world, it would be a definite possibility that this would be enough to get her active once more, or, at the very least, should we re-assemble the crystal, give her the motivation to come back to Gielinor.

Interestingly, the Spirit Trees were said to have been linked to the Anima Mundi, unable to function without its power. Along those lines, they could potentially imbue you with their power temporarily (or permanently, resulting in their deaths). This would give you the ability to gather the shards of Seren back together magically, with their power being the spark to get her going. If it resulted in their death, she could also reward them with life again.

Another thought along those lines, the trees could also unlock some of the power Guthix gave to you, giving you the same power as they would have if they sacrificed themselves.

What do you guys think? Some definite possibilities for potential future updates to bring back Seren?