100% quality without getting banned gold in RS

As they have reviewed all available macro programs, none of the macroers can escape from. It is astonished news to cheaters. But is that really good news to none-cheaters?
Let’s move on to the next part. The most controversial thing is that Runescape announced that players caught for macroing don’t receive a warning, which means the suspect accounts would get banned directly and permanently, since all banned people have no chance to appeal for themselves. Runesacpe did so because they though cheaters would get away if there’s a warning offered, they don’t want the macroers expect they will be soft. No exception for high level players and members. No next chance or warning will give. Runescape is quite definite. They said people would like to macro on their high-level, main accounts, and this is the right time and right method to catch them, ban them forever.

so far this month we have already banned over 500 high-level accounts with skills in the 80s and 90s. Don’t make your account one of them. Runescape carry out their banning program firmly. According to a forum, 60% of Runescape players are on the side of the update. 10% are Neutral. Some of players are worry about if there’s wrong accounts get banned. We have to wait to see if the update really works effectively as what Runescape said.Anyway, don’t risk your high-level accounts.

Never try to make your Runescape gold or do powerlevling via prohibitive methods. If you need Runescape money, we can transfer you in safe ways. No cheats or bots will involve in. Good luck!Players who are making Runescape gold in rigged ways should turn a new leaf, because Runescape takes real action this time.Runescape claimed that they’ve updated the Macro-Detection Systems again to avoid macroing in RuneScape.

Runescape release a post at their official site. Players may award that there’s less macroing going on since last year, it is because Runescape has been working on the anti-cheat update always. The post says it was a common phenomenon that every tree has an accompanying crowd of bots in the past, but it is not going to happen today and tomorrow. Runescape Gold would never stop for what they have made; they will move on to strengthen their macro-detection systems on and on. They declared to ban several thousand more accounts for macroing.