Is jagex even doing anything

About the glitched player HP bars? It really feels like they’re just saying “***** you” to all the PKers by leaving this crippling bug unpatched for such a long period of time. The bug was present in the NIS beta for quite a while (at least a month or 2) and they had to have known about it (anyone who spends 10 seconds fighting another player will see the bug) yet they decided to release Runescape 3 Gold anyway without patching it.

Now RS3 has been live for 2 weeks, and it is still unpatched. It’s disheartening to see them completely brush off a bug that is just killing PvP even more, especially when it should be a relatively simple fix… I mean, how hard is it to create a simple, functional health bar? They had it before, I don’t understand what possibly could have happened to cause it to become so bugged. I really enjoyed PKing before RS3, but now I don’t want to take the risk that an unreliable health bar will get me killed in the wildy.

As I post this, there is literally NOBODY PKing in W18 Edgeville. It would be nice to hear from Jagex if they’re actually making progress on fixing this, rather than just leaving us in the dark to wonder if such a crippling bug will ever be patched at all.