1 potions:for the Runescape adventurer

Welcome! Thank you for privileging me with the opportunity to present some of my ideas. I want to tackle the notion of potions.Generally, people view them as nothing but entangled with the idea of prayer and swiftly raising your levels for a cheap runescape gold minute. I want to open people’s thoughts to a more wide viewpoint- there is so much potential for Herblore and the future of potions. I was inspired to create some potions that would latch at the lower levels as well implicate a connection with veteran potion makers as well.

There are advantages within the capacity of the Herblore system that can make potion-making even more beneficial to the progressive adventurer. I see one of the main flaws in potions is that they’re not easily shown through entrance with a better gaming experience. They usually damper the mood. So, what would happen if some newer potions became more environmental-reachable instead of just standing at the Grand Exchange-profitable?

1: Ghastly Touch
What it is: A more menacing Ring of Recoil empowered through the works of a potion without the usage of wearing another on your ring finger. What it does is simple, your opponent’s food may slowly rot as the damage you endure goes on; like a Ghast, but with more of a Ring of Recoil effect. Not every hit will result in ultimate corruptiveness of food, but will increase the chances for it to do so later. The effect will probably last for five to ten minutes for each dose drunk.

How to make: Created through mixing the substances of rotten food and sapphire dust (and perhaps an herb of some sort?) Rotten food can be food touched by a ghast itself, a rotten tomato sold by peasants near cages, or even a rotten apple found in West Ardounge. As long as it’s rotten, it will work. Sapphire dust is obtained by crushing a sapphire gem with a pestle and mortar. Mix the ingredients in water and you will have the Ghastly Touch.