A few simple runescape suggestions

Gonna try to keep this condensed and to the point, and attempt to keep negativity out. Here’s a list of suggestions that I feel would help dramatically with the skill.

1. Keep the Xp the same. It’s good, the skill itself needs a few tweaks is all.

2. New colours for the Wisps. This seems so stupid and pointless, but it will make a difference.

3. Make the Wisps last longer. Cut back on some of the spawns and make them last slightly longer, perhaps cut their roam ranges back a tad bit.

4. Chronicle Fragments.. Make these per Runescape 3 Gold player, (Think bonfire spirits)

5. Change how the enriched springs spawn, I think it would be better if they spawned after a certain amount of people were on a wisp. Though this might be overpowered. Though they shouldn’t be based on times, in my opinion.. they should be random at the least.

6. Add some distractions, (Think Runesphere at the ‘span, or Evil Tree) I’m not saying copy them, but something that will break up the monotone training. Because it is just that at current, monotone.

7. Add an option to keep our selection when depositing memories into the rift.

8. Incorporate some lore into the skill. This is one thing I was very much so, looking forward to. And there seems to be next to no lore in this. It would be awesome to see this added.

9. Let us create something with the energies that allows us to teleport back to the wisp areas. Example: 300 energies for base teleport, 100 energies for each charge afterwards. Or something of the sort.

If I think of anymore, I’ll edit them in! Thanks for reading. Hope I kept it condensed enough and free of negativity.