Fishing is by far the most popular way to acquire raw lobsters

Fishing is by far the most popular way to acquire raw lobsters. Players with level 40 or higher in the Fishing skill can fish for lobsters with a lobster pot. Doing so yields 90 experience for each lobster fished. Depending on your level of fishing you get around 30000-40000 xp per hour.

Players can thieve raw lobsters from the fish stalls in Rellekka and possibly bank them with Peer the Seer if the player is wearing Fremennik Sea Boots. This method requires 42 thieving.

Though it is an inefficient way to acquire a large number of raw lobsters (500+), some monsters also drop them.

Free-to-play players can fish for lobsters on Karamja or in the north eastern corner of the Wilderness. Using Stiles to note your fish for free on the south coast of Karamja is a helpful tool for power fishing large quantities, without losing time running around.
Pay-to-play players also have the option of fishing lobster in Catherby, Rellekka, Jatizso, and Piscatoris Fishing Colony.runescape gold. Players with level 68 or higher (65 or higher with a fishing potion or 63 or higher with an admiral pie) may also fish for lobsters in the Fishing Guild. Therefore it is suggested for the higher levels to fish in the Fishing Guild, which is reachable by Ardougne home-teleport.