Interface has its own will

So we can customise the interface how we like it now. Or so it would appear.

Every time I adjust something and then save, all other interfaces move a millimeter or two again. Then I adjust those again and the others are wrong again and so on and on.

I spent more time fighting the interfaces than actually using them.

It would help if:
* We had the ability to turn on and off snap.
* The snap feature would work for HUDs as well as interfaces.
* We had the ability to resize HUDs such as Runescape Gold game dialogue and buffs/defbuffs.
* The content of the interfaces would be more efficiently distributed.
For example, my prayer interface has four rows, three with 9 icons and one with 1 icon. It would look a lot better if this was four rows of 8 instead. The same goes for inventory. Equipment and skills will remain tricky since 13 is a prime and 26 is only divisable by 2 and 13.
The minigame and familiar interfaces are even worse, they don’t accept the customisability at all.
* The ability to merge certain subinterfaces. Like Strength and Attack, they’re both melee, and warriors don’t even care which is which. Defence and Constitution might as well be mergeable as well, they’re both classless.