Runescape player offline slayer

I tried to do some slayer with my partner and it kept saying “That player is offline” and he got the same message when he tried to invite me, before the new interface for Java came out I had the same problem but only when I tried to invite him, I’m not sure if i’m the only one getting this issue or if anyone else is or knows how to sort it, or even if a Jmod can notice this issue, because I enjoy slaying with my partner!

So hopefully, someone can sort this.

Edit: Both our chats are ON!

Just a few runescape NIS issues

The NIS doesn’t bother me too much, because I can have it set up much like it was pre-RS 3 Gold. However, there are some things that really just irk me.

1. In God Wars Dungeon, the counter box is right in the middle of my screen.
2. When I’m banking, my bank looks transparent and it’s confusing to me because there are multiple transparent boxes stacking. It just doesn’t look right.
3. No way to switch between banking and equipping quickly like there used to be.
4. Can’t click through the chatbox.
5. Can’t have a split chat for private chat.
6. Chat glitch – when a new line is entered, it all scrolls to the middle of the chat box.
7. Ability bar CONSTANTLY doesn’t work. Relogging usually fixes the issue, but it is incredibly inconvenient and doesn’t always work.
8. When private messaging someone, the next message automatically is sent to them, even without re-hitting the TAB key.
9. Equipment tab is completely unorganized as opposed to how the spaces were laid out from head-to-foot like before. It makes it hard to know what you’re wearing where at a quick glance.
10. Glitch with adding/removing friends. I have to type their names in; the right click adding option doesn’t add them to my list. Even with typing the name in, it doesn’t always add them to my list.
11. New graphics make the game laggy.
12. A lot of the settings are difficult to find.
13. No easy way to find the current combat level.
14. When walking, there are glitches where you can’t get past a square. You’re walking and it turns you around when you try to pass it.
15. I zoomed way into my character and I have no idea how to unzoom it.
There are numerous others, but I can’t think of them atm. There are lot of things wrong with Runescape 3 Gold.

The runescape chat system

I am finding it so hard to chat now and I often send people wrong messages.

– You used to be able to get rid of the need to press enter to chat by minimizing the ability bar. This is no longer the case.

– when you access another window it toggles the ‘press enter to chat’ ability. If it is up and you access another tab, it goes away and if you have pressed enter and the chat is free and you access another tab it goes to the ‘press enter to chat’.

– If I click on a players name in my friends list to message them, it changes to the private chat box only.

– if I message a friend it stays on their name until I press Runescape Gold.

I think I have explained all the annoying differences, if I find more I will add them.

Sorry but I have tried to chat this new way but I just am having so much trouble with it, it really is hard for me to communicate now. I so much prefer the simpler way of chatting without pressing enter and without having to check who or what my chat is on at the time.

Runescape NIS problems dungeoneering

I did c1s today and I came across a few annoying problems. These problems mainly occurred after a floor ended and a new one started.

1. The spot where my inventory interface and party details shared always defaulted on party details even if it ended with my inventory out. I don’t need to know who the hell is in my party if I’m doing 30 floors with them.

2. After a dungeon ends the chat box doesn’t scroll down as it should.

3. For my prayer I have to scroll down to use the ones I want and after a dungeon it automatically scrolls back up.

4. The end interface isn’t a part of the central interface in editing mode and is off center causing my chat screen to shrink.

5. If I am typing a message it is interrupted by the ending interface and when a new floor starts I have to click on the message again to continue typing. Before the update I didn’t have to worry about that.

If I come across any more problems while I am dungeoneering I will post them here.

Also I think the smuggler is off center I didn’t really pay attention if this happened when a new floor started or if he is always like that.

Other problems I have come across while adventuring Gielinor.

1. The farming tools interface cannot be edited through the gameplay HUD editing.

Annoying runescape interface glitch

I am experiencing an interface glitch on this account; It doesn’t happen on my other two accounts.
When I reload my My Custom 1, the chatbox and some interfaces around it mess up; I see my ability bar move like 2-3 pixels to the left and about 1 pixel up, pushing away the chatbox and slightly pulling up my ability book.
That adds a pretty ugly-looking 2-3 pixels gap between my ability book and the chatbox.
I save the interface when it looks fine, and for some reason, when I reload it, it messes up.

It also gets messed up when I log out and log back in.

If I keep resaving + reloading My Custom 1, the ability bar keeps moving 2-3 pixels to the left and 1 pixel up every time, so it eventually ends up at a very different location.

That’s the thing: my menu bar is on the top left in my interface.
The only thing that touches it is my stats screen, and it’s like that for my other two characters, which don’t get that glitch. :/

I tried moving my stats screen so that it wouldn’t touch the menu bar, then I saved and reloaded, the ability bar keeps moving several pixels up-left.

In the flood of suggestions

As many are doing, here are a some ideas i have had for the NIS as-well as a few bugs.
Just a few things that i thought would make a good addition.

underline = most annoying to me
orange = bug/issue
Random crashes with mac client. I have had it quit unexpectedly 4 or 5 times already.Captain’s Log – Runescape Item tile in inventory is badly off centre. (this is a pet peeve, i take this book everywhere).Option to close emote tab. Not an often used tab that can’t be closed.

Option to minimise tabs (or bunches of tabs). example: chat, backpack, minimap.

Opacity setting for bank (separate from other tabs), i find it hard to see with a transparent backing.

Option to pick which quick inventory option to use. e.g. drop/eat/teleport/kills-left.

Remove the right click option to set backpack items to quick inventory spaces. It is too much text on a little box. Could have the items dragged onto the respective position instead.

Equipment tab to have a more traditional layout, with the person in the back with relevant positions of slots.More options to adjust minigame HUD’s. Per minigame, and instead of one square, a few smaller ones would be great. Was attempting pest control with the portal info in the middle of my minimap :S

Bork chat options (with that mage guy) can only be continued via mouse. Also, while viewing the initial cutscene you can watch Bork wonder around the cave now :p
Most if this is just preference
Overall, great work!
Many new things

Hoping to use old interface

If so, then I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

I’ve seen a lot of people asking if we can have the old Runescape 3 Gold interface added into the new NIS system as a preset, so that players with small screen resolution or those who dislike the new system can use the old one.

Unfortunately, Mod Galcian confirmed last night that they actually got rid of the old system in favour of these “cool features” we have now.

If anybody knows how to view puush links and what to type into your URL bar, add this after the slash (/):


Looks like once again we are faced with an ultimatum: adapt or get off the bus.

Once again our value as players and paying customers does not matter one bit, and once again Jagex does not give a rat’s ass whether or not we liked the old interface better, and that many people find the new interface clunky and obtrusive to game play.

The new interface is really nice and looks great, but for many people it is simply inferior to the old interface that was near perfect and had no problems whatsoever. This new one comes with a laundry list of bugs/glitches, and features that actually make the NIS less convenient and harder to use than the old system (some examples below).

Feel free to discuss below, and try to provide constructive feedback for the new system if you can or an explanation or why . Since it looks like we are stuck with it indefinitely, all we can try and do is tweak it so it is not such a pain in the ass to use.

Runescape 3

I don’t get why the j mods never listen to the players… J mods think they can do whatever to make the game better for them selves but they need to ask the players what they want. The players who played the game for a while will know what they want in the game and what they don’t. Never once do I think the J mods listened to the players. For example everyone said they wanted PRE-Runescape EOC servers and jagex comes out with 07 and that is mostly for people who want to pk or stake there is no bossing on 07. Then they decided to come out with eoc which was a HUGE change to the game no many people wanted it.

But once a lot of players just get use to the eoc update they release this runescape 3 which changed the way everything looked in eoc. I like eoc and enjoy playing it but this new interface is just plain dumb yeah I know I need to get use to it but its really annoying trying to get use to it when the whole game is lagging like crazy and people keep getting disconnected left and right. For once can you listen to the players jagex?Is there anyway you can make a button for the old interface and if people like the new interface they can still play it? Also the new interface the Lifepoints, adrenaline, prayer and summoning bars are hard to read and see. I wish the old interface would come back.

If anyone sees this just post your opinions on what you think I would love to see what everyone has to say about the new interface system

Queen black dragon interface

When killing the queen black dragon the interface that shows the buffs/debufs of the npc is in the way of the hit splats. maybe move the interface under the big Hp bar of the queen black dragon it self, or above the hit splats
Also it seems the click area is smaller?

runescape 3 gold
Also make it so the camera is zoomed out again while entering the lair, its much harder to navigate to the artifacts, although the battle feels more epic while a big dragon fills up the screen. so i don’t know i i did like it or not, cuz the battle was harder then it was before and i had more fun killing it now :d. so fix it or let the camera be as it is now i don’t really mind.

Also you guys did a good job on the interface,i like it so far, i have some thing that i don’t like but that need some time ti learn.

Hard reset jagex read this

Jagex, read this now.

Runescape 3 Gold is a thirteen year old economy. tons of high level accounts, game already completed; just in it for the endgame.

You’re already re-making the entire game.
It’s time to bring new life into the runescape world.

People already playing, deserve to not have a reset, but tons of new players could be joining a fresh new game!

so what to do?

You offer TWO runescape 3 paths.

with runescape 3, You offer 2 completely seperate game servers.

One game server will be the existing RS2 accounts, with everything transfered over.
AKA the currently existing launch of RS3 in some odd amount of hours.

The other game server, will be a fresh new runescape world…
Offering new players the ability to start in a whole entirely new video game experience.

This would influence the economy of the veteran game as there will be a lower amount of low-med level players that gather or buy low-med level items and resources.

And besides that, the other game will need their own marketplace forum (and monitoring of that), hiscores and grand exchange database.

I think the upcoming seasonal hiscores will be only thing reasonable to implement.