Tell you how in order to successfully cultivate Herblore

The following information will inform you on how to obtain the primary and secondary items required in order to successfully train Herblore.

Herb Cleaning
Throughout your travels around RuneScape, you may come across grimy herbs when killing monsters. Without the correct Herblore level, you will not be able to clean the herbs to use them. However, should you have the required level, you will be able to clean it. To clean an herb, simply left-click it and it will quickly change to a clean herb, such as a Grimy toadflax to a Clean toadflax, respectively.

Secondary Ingredients
There are many “secondary ingredients” that can be found throughout RuneScape; for a complete list of them, please visit section 4.0.

Farming Herbs
While Herblore is generally an expensive skill to raise, it is possible to raise your levels through Farming. The only cost of which is buying the seeds; alternatively, stealing them from Master farmer is free. When herbs are picked, they are grimy. You can find more information regarding the farming of herbs in the herb section of our Farming guide.

Vials are pretty easy to obtain. You can buy them from other players, the Grand Exchange, or Shilo Village. Shilo Village is the best location for purchasing some Vials of water, as the bank and store are close. If you haven’t done the Shilo Village quest, then Ardougne is the next best place to obtain your vials.

If you want to buy your Vials in bulk and fill them yourself, you can by running back and forth to a water source. One of the best places is in the Lumbridge basement, if you’ve started Recipe for Disaster, running from the chest to the sink. Another way to fill your Vials would be with Lunar magics (for more information, see the Magic guide). This is an easy way of gaining Magic experience without needing to run anywhere. It’s also a fast way to fill Vials, as casting Humidfy will fill all of the empty Vials in your inventory.