My Ideas On Awesome Battle Royal In Path Of Exile

In Path of Exile, do you like Royale Battle? I love it. GGG created a 100 player free-for-all battleground game mode called Path of Exile: Royale, for April Fool’s day joke this year.

I think that the mode is fun because it is a mad scramble for gear and tests your ability to efficiently make use of what you find while testing your micro and macro as you manage your inventory, gain xp, and pay attention to your map and surroundings.

Path of Exile

Removing level restrictions on gear lessens the test of your micro ability of gaining XP and managing what you find to make you the strongest with what you can use.

If the mode stays it just needs some skill balancing like split arrow range cap reduced and maybe a lower PvP scaling coefficient on frost blades. Otherwise it is pretty much perfect for PoE as is right now, maybe meaningful rewards too, like leo XP and character MTX’s.

Here are some suggestions. I honestly think royale would solve the pvp issue in this game:

1. Auto generate random passive skill tree and then leave it up to the player to find gear to match the tree.

2. Or have full passive builds as orb to pickups in the royale maps – Kinda like how robocraft royale you able to just join random vehicle builds.

3. No lvl limit on items, what you find your able to equip no lvl restrictions.

4. Bigger map, and monsters more spread out seems to many monsters.

5. Keep the same character, so we don’t have to keep making a new one.

6. Arrow skills limit range so its more balanced with other skills aka split arrow is royal meta.

7. Flask more common and with no level restrictions.

Random passive tree – bad, removes the ability of players to adapt to what they find and just adds another layer of RNG (oh cool, got frost blades and screaming eagle, too bad my tree gave me 2 projectile nodes and 3 dex nodes). What’s your opinions?