New Interface System issues

Click through chat box – where has this gone with transparency id have though this would have proved more useful than ever

/ to change chat – i don’t like that the /c /f /g changes the chat stream i like to be able to keep track of every conversation stream and react accordingly and if i want to see only the clan chat do it by clicking on the clan chat stream

Transparency -i like that but making the bank transparent i find a bit of a pain looking through the bank trying to find items

Edit mode – its not always clear what all the little multicoloured boxes are – “subscribe” a small explication of what it is on hover over click or just in the be would be brilliant

Unclosable boxes – emotes guest chat its rare i guest in any other clan or use any emotes – can i not just close these boxes and add them when i want to use them?

Rotatable bar / action bar – why aren’t these rotatable anymore? would be good to see them rotatable again.

I somehow changed the layout of the bar to a hoizontal shape. No idea how it happened, could not make it vertical or back to the more squarish look it had when I logged in.
The opposite happened to the ability bar. It was normal when I logged in and after messing with the window edge it resized. I couldnt make it vertical or go back to horizontal again. This thing is more messed up than ever.

And why can’t we have the ability bar and the health indicator bar separate? This has annoyed me from the beginning. Also the option to minimze the ability bar is pointless if I am stuck with the health bar there anyway. Also like it better in the live Runescape Money game with the adrenaline bar on the ability bar by itself.

Please Jagex move the health/prayer/summon indicators somewhere else, or just have it work like in the live game.