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If towns were defined by the characters living within them, Port Sarim would be serving a life in jail, living by its wits, or would have died long ago from a cutlass deep in its chest. It is home to only the most unsavory types: pirates, muggers and more, looking for their next pint and a place to spend the night.

You might be surprised, then, to learn that Port Sarim is one of the friendliest places in Gielinor. The majority of the city’s trade is made through its famous docks, with the residents more than willing to accept any new travellers and adventurers with open arms. It’s also the perfect place to make friends with your first pirate, or negotiate passage to other areas.

A huge range of other locales are accessible from Port Sarim, such as the jungle island of Karamja, pacifist Entrana or the Guthixian Void Knight Outpost. Travelling doesn’t come for free, though, so make sure you have plenty of funds reserved to pay for your trip.

Port Sarim lies directly south of Falador, the Asgarnian capital, and slightly west of Draynor Village.Further east, beyond Draynor Village, is the peaceful town of Lumbridge, where young adventurers cut their teeth before wandering out into a more dangerous world.Past Rimmington to the west, across the seas, is the island of Karamja, home of the decidedly more piratical Brimhaven.

From the docks, adventurers can sail to Karamja, Entrana or the Void Knight Outpost. Thanks to charter ships, adventurers may find themselves in all manner of ports around RuneScape if they have the funds to buy a ticket.If you own an overgrown cat and wish to train it up to a wily cat, or already own a wily cat in need of some exercise, then the Rat Pit is the place for you.The magic shop in Port Sarim stocks a nice supply of runes, as well as eye of newts.

Just south-west of the town, and immediately west of the prison, is a church where you can pray to recharge your prayer points.There is a farming patch in the north-east of the town where farmers may grow a spirit tree, while north of the town is a solitary yew tree, waiting to be felled by a competent lumberjack.

If you’re running short of bolts for your crossbow, there are a couple of spawn points in the houses west of the Rusty Anchor.Members who have completed the Rat Catchers quest and wish to train their overgrown cat to become a wily cat will need to talk to Felkrash in the Rat Pit. She can also rename cats.Though there is no bank in Port Sarim, the nearest ones are in Draynor and Falador.

The boat to the Void Knight Outpost is the only way to access Pest Control.The root cause of most of the difficulties encountered when playing games is the lack of money, how to get enough money to become critical.And you do not have enough money, so you need to find a place to Buy RS 2007 Gold.