Nex glitch

Apparently her prayers don’t show up anymore.

The interim fix for everyone who is Nexing would be to watch the Target Information thing. If it’s disabled, you can move your mouse over her, and it will show up again, and thus you can see what she is praying. This is mostly important during the Zaros phase

Though personally I don’t like it and prefer the classic way.

was trio nex-ing for a few hours yesterday, Zaros is quite annoying having to hover over Nex to see the prayer.It’s not the end of the world, just a lot better if the prayers are displayed overhead.Yeah it’s not that big of an issue but still, there is a reason why I removed the target info thing (I find it annoying). Nevertheless, it’s not that big of an issue if you’re voice-communicating with your team-mates.

Plus, the prayer icons on the target info is much smaller than the actual prayer icons.