The Finals Tips

Pro Tips and Strategies For Winning In The Finals

The Finals game require strategy and tactics to win. If you are looking for tips and tricks to be a better player, this guide has you covered.

Edge of the Map Tactics:
Jumping off the edge of the map in the finals may sound counterintuitive, but it can be a game-changer. Certain secret spots provide strategic advantages, allowing players to reposition themselves effectively. This tactic is particularly useful for resting teammates or ninja-stealing a cash-out.

Dealing with Stun Guns:
Many players combine the Stun Gun gadget with the Light class’ Cloaking Device ability. With this combo, any player caught in your trap is effectively dead, regardless of the weapon you’re using. The best counter to stun guns is having a hip-fire strong weapon, such as the M11 or shotguns on heavy and medium. Keep these weapons in reserve for specific encounters, like facing light players who rely on stun guns.

Plant Pots as Weapons:
Surprisingly, plant pots become a powerful weapon in the finals. When playing as a Heavy, double stack C4 on any object (e.g., a plant pot) and throw it at enemies. Detonate the C4 remotely to eliminate anyone in its radius, even Heavies instantly.

AFK Teammate Exploits:
Turn an AFK teammate into a strategic asset. Instead of attempting to revive them, use their statue as a permanent C4 destruction tool. Throw C4 on the statue, toss it into enemies, and reap the benefits without worrying about the statue being destroyed.

Invisibility with Cloak Ability:
When using the cloak ability, remember that running makes you least invisible, walking makes you slightly visible, and standing still makes you completely invisible. Use this knowledge to your advantage in different situations.

Grapple Tricks:
Utilize the grapple for tricky maneuvers. Grappling at the ground behind an enemy allows you to chain two bunny hops at full momentum, confusing and outmaneuvering opponents.

Defensive Use of Vents:
Take advantage of vents as a defensive strategy. Only lights and mediums can fit through vents, providing a means to set up better defenses against Heavies.

Trip Wires and Turrets Management:
If using trip wires and turrets in Las Vegas, be aware that there’s a button to turn them on and off. Disable them when entering defended areas to avoid being barraged by undestroyable turrets.

Double Cash Out Strategy:
Safely place two cash boxes into a single cash out to confuse opponents. Defend your vault and carefully hide one cash box, then throw it in just before completing the cash out to guarantee double money without the stress of attacks.

Strategic Qualification:
In tournament scenarios, when in second place during a final cash out, consider defending the cash out alongside the first-place team. Attacking the other two teams puts pressure on them and increases your chances of qualifying.

Color Blind Options for Better Visibility:
Adjust the color-blind settings in the menu, especially in tournaments with similarly colored teams. Experiment with different settings between rounds to maintain clarity and distinguish enemy teams more effectively.

By incorporating these pro tips and strategies into your gameplay, you can gain a competitive advantage and increase your chances of success in THE Finals.

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