You do not need to pay monthly to enjoy RUNESCAPE, but you will definitely get a little more of the game and subscribed. However, if you prefer to use some of the vast fortune in the game, members pay? You can do that now thanks to bonds, the introduction of new items can be purchased for $ 5, and then in the game itself, traded or sold.Here to supply buy Runescape 3 Gold

When used, redeemable bonds of playing time, eight screaming lucky rotation, or 160 RuneCoins of the 14 days. You can also redeem their RuneFest tickets (although it requires more than one bond). In the video Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard, indicating the origin of bonds – This is the latest step in-game gold farming accounts for a long-term battle, gives players more control over membership fees while cutting out the need to pay third parties. Increase your wealth in the game, so I spent the cash or spend your lucky enough in the game to save some cash, this is for you.