RS3 Guide for Plane-Freezer Lakhrahnaz Boss

The icy floorings enable you to travel only upright, straight, or diagonal, and your player will regularly moving till he strikes either the wall, a pillar, or in charge (Plane-Freezer Lakhrahnaz). Nothing can be done to stop your player while he is slipping on the ice. Lakhrahnaz utilizes 2 special steps which induce the player to slide out of control. One step presses nearby gamers back until they hit a barrier. Plane-Freezer may take a step back, and every person will certainly move into the contrary wall surface.


Lahkrahnaz is considered to be one of the most bothersome bosses because of this. If you are soloing the supervisor, and utilizing melee, it is simpler to go into the supervisor room, permit Lahkrahnaz attack you, and then teleport out. When you enter into the boss area again, he will certainly be right at the entryway and you could battle from there.

Stab is the most efficient attack style against Plane-Freezer Lahkrahnaz, and is very advised. Crush strikes and varied attacks are also reliable. Stat increasing petitions can be used to quicken the battle, however prayer points will drainpipe really rapidly. Merely obtain acquainted with browsing on the ice to be as reliable as possible in removing in charge.

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