Runescape Merchanting Tips

Have you ever wondered what merchanting was? Well, it is just buying low and selling high. A lot of people get Runescape merchanting confused with scamming. Of course, this is not the case. Scamming is cheating other players out of their money, items, and so on.

Here is the quote of rule 2: “You must not scam or deceive other players. And lying to other players for your own personal gain is not in the spirit of fair play.”

Merchanting is just buying as low as you can get it, and selling as high as you can. With the new trade limits, it makes it harder to buy super low, and sell super high, because players now know exactly how much they are paying. This usually means less people willing to pay the max price. Due to the trade limits, merchanting has almost become a dead topic. Now all people recommend doing is hording. Hording is my term for stocking up in ore, wood, ect… to sell as bulk to players. Hording and Merchanting are two of the same whole.

You see, Merchants need bulk items as cheap as they can get them so that they can sell the bulk items for more of a price. I have heard that there are three types of sellers.

You have: Repeat Sellers – These ones will give you a continuous flow of the bulk. As you keep on buying, you form a trust between each other and thus can get better deals.
Desperate Sellers – These are good, as if they are desperate you can get a way better deal. Usually these types of sellers are over stocked and will take the loss. Then you have the ones who do not know the value of an item. Personally, I think that this is a lot like scamming. Just so you know, due to the trade limits, these types of sellers do not exist. This is one reason that the Merchants have died out. So in a way, merchanting use to be a lot like scamming. Now a days, it just buying low and selling high.

I do not think I ever tried merchanting; it seemed like a lot of work for not so much profit. Not to mention that you had to have money to start with, and back before I developed my own ways, I had no money. I started earning money by chopping wood and then I moved onto fishing. Hording is an excellent way to make money. For those few who are still merchanting, I greatly recommend you switch over to Hording. As more and more people switch over, less and less are going to accept less than the normal price. As the price rises, merchanting will become a dead theory.

The people who Hord have figured out that they are accepting too low for their items now, because of the trade limits. So instead of selling low, they are going to go to the bulk buyers and sell for a better price. As this happens, the market will slowly rise. As the market slowly rises, more and more people will begin to switch over to hording. As this happens, people are going to look for the lowest price available. That is where you come in.

Hord and save, watch the market go up. When you think that it is time, sell as low as you can. I guarantee that you are going to have people lined up just waiting to buy from you, and because you spent your time hording, you will have the items to supply them. Thus, you become rich. Happy Hording!