The game of RS Gold is come back to everyone is dream

The hero dream is not everyone can be achieved, the game of RS Gold is for one thousand male endless war domain, and drifted away from the edge of life and death over Road heroic sons and daughters, and might have been used to a variety of blood rain wind fishy. Set foot on the royal road of the virtual world, others worship the pinnacle of the strong! Masters vs. only contention moment. Their most consummate skill to beat the opponent! Everyone has a dream of a hero, everyone is yearning to become strong.Wherever they went a gall game is disdain for cast your hero dreams do become a hero ready it? In the game when you stand on the warehouse door。


often inexplicable on mine a bit, Master PK is most likely to launch in the wild, in all the way to give you mine look on the opening play, and Ray is pain! Faced with this situation the soldiers should be near-collision, see hit and knocked on, if you hit immediately fill the assassination of X2, or knife Agni assassinate Master basic Xiecai, the key is to see that you can hit in the RS Gold.

the game is disdain for cast of heroes dream, but not the lack of some essential items! Players away from home in the Runescape game “disdain for one thousand male”, if you do not want to blasting equipment, then the drug must not be less with, do not be reluctant to money when you up in the wild passion, you will find that the sun is not enough water, it is necessary to have is red silver bullets. If there is to play, but quickly fly what randomly volume, one less back to the city with ah.

the Web Game of RS Gold is one of the domestic professional web game platform, The company online division was established in April 2011, after 2011 the rapid development has become one of the most popular web game platform. Dare to challenge, dare to innovation but without losing the dynamic team.