Challenges Allen – live!

Super September into the final week, we celebrate MOD Campbell completed a series of challenges – or face the consequences, you will see a live stream!

September the whole super-Allen (aka DoD Campbell) has attempted a September Super Challenge week in real life. So far we have 50 bananas to feed him, he looked at his face to catch fish, and sent him on assault course, you can see in the Monday!

Now is the time to challenge Alan speeding, because we send him back to the fourth wall into Gielinor one night Allen challenges: Live!Here to supply buy Runescape Powerleveling

Throughout the live stream, we will set the challenge Allen in the game is completed. If he is successful, the actual real life super September cloak waiting for him. If he fails, however, Allen might want to once again face the depths of his trout, because he would have lost his life trying to stream.

Our series of challenges and lose lined up, but you are very welcome to get involved too. You can set the challenge of Allen, even suggested despicable abstention stream forum topic. Best, we will happily put in front of Alan.

Then, by real-time data stream itself, you can help him to contribute