The Huashan sword of RS Gold is unassailable holy canon magic,Runescape of the Great God is always dazzling moves and strength, so that thousands of martial arts fans extreme reverence, do not the adults loved heroes, appreciate under their heroic nor not.

Want to play in the “proud smile rivers and lakes,” there is a ready-made effects concentration camp, in which players can enjoy to master their dazzling dreams of rivers and lakes, even shake their dream eventually wake up, but once had Guo also worthwhile to the world were born! Dreaming rivers and lakes to play “laughing rivers and lakes in the map.

When the players through a text with a background story animation into the map of the symposium, which means that you have entered a place of experts gathered. The main purpose of this map is to encourage the players to concentrate on to kill the famous BOSS to demonstrate their advanced dazzling equipment, gorgeous special effects, feel the fierce PK fun into the map, you will see that the monster is constantly refreshed from around come up to the time the number was as high as 30.

In the the kill monsters minutes after, BOSS will refresh to appear, are due to play in the laughing to RS Gold to wind took metamorphosis level such as Yue Buqun, and unassailable master, it is recommended that players in their using a full-screen skills before the advent of the “evil spirits sword spike all the monsters.