If you guys remember awhile ago jagex said 2 new skills were supposed to come out this year. Well If you guys caught this in the august bts it said “Divination will be a direct companion to the new skill coming next year”….

Next Year can’t say I’m surprised ,not the first time jagex has done this. Well I guess we’ll have to wait till 2015 for the new skill because next year probably means 2 years from now on the jagex calendar. What do you guys think about this, it was expected though as they kept pushing back dates they say.

Plans change. This is long term planning we’re talking about. RS 3 Gold got delayed, that delayed Divination, and both of those delayed the second new skill. I was never expecting it before early (January-April) 2015.

Did you actually believe them? After playing for as long as I have, I really just don’t look at release dates or even worry about them anymore. It was obvious they weren’t gonna have two skills ready by this year.

They had delays with RS3, they could release it sooner in a buggy form and get crap about it being buggy, or wait for it to be ready and get crap about how it’s late. They made the right choice. Besides, having 2 new skills b2b is bad idea it better for them to be spread out. Hopefully it’ll be out by March.