RS3 character artists

A challenge was issued to RuneScape’s character artists: create new outfits to showcase your skill, content the likes of which RuneScape has never laid eyes upon. The challenge was met; indeed, I present the initial two of four creations today!


But I need not explain these fantastic new items when you can hear straight from the horse’s mouth! Mod Ante, one of the talented artists behind these fine new designs, explains:

We know that you, the players, love to customise your appearance and be unique as possible, so we’ve come up several special, never-before-seen ideas for our players, and the first two are the Deathless Regent and Ravenskull outfits.

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A truly special treat arrives in my stores for you today – the Deathless Regent and Ravenskull, two fine new outfits with a story behind their conception…