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Diablo 4: Wishlist for Upcoming Seasons and Future Expansions

Diablo 4, the latest installment in the iconic Diablo series, has garnered immense attention and enthusiasm from gamers worldwide. As the community continues to delve into its dark, engaging world, a growing wishlist for future seasons and expansions emerges, reflecting the players’ desires for improvements and additions. Here, we explore some of the most sought-after features and suggestions that could enhance the Diablo 4 experience.

Diablo 4: Wishlist for Upcoming Seasons and Future Expansions

Enhanced Gameplay Mechanics

  1. Diverse Objectives: Players propose removing objectives exclusive to non-mandatory dungeons (NMDs), advocating for more varied and engaging tasks across the game.
  2. Treasure Goblins: A call for making goblins rarer and categorizing them as in Diablo 3 – with specific types for materials, cosmetics, uniques, and legendaries – is prevalent. An ultra-rare goblin dropping exclusive Diablo 4 items for sale adds excitement.
  3. Codex of Power Enhancements: The idea is to store aspects extracted from legendary items in the Codex of Power, adding depth to character customization.
  4. Personalized Loot Filters: A customizable loot filter would be a welcome addition, allowing players to highlight essential attributes like critical chance percentages.
  5. Runes & Runewords: Bringing back runes and runewords from Diablo 2 would offer a nostalgic touch. The suggestion includes making higher-tier runes account-bound to stabilize the market.
  6. Equipment Modifications: Adding more sockets to helmets and chest armors and revising some legendary powers are also desired changes.
  7. Reduced Material Requirements: Players suggest lowering the material required to summon bosses, arguing that it currently feels too laborious.

Classes, Skills, and Cosmetic Changes

  1. Class Diversity: There’s a strong demand for including more, if not all, classes from previous Diablo games, along with a limited number of class-specific set items.
  2. Skill Rotation: Borrowing from Diablo 2, the ability to rotate through more than six skills/spells would break current limitations and allow for more dynamic gameplay.
  3. Wings with Functionality: If wings are to be included, players hope they’re more than just cosmetic, suggesting they could enable flying over specific terrains.
  4. Pet Functions: Pets for collecting materials and salvaging items would provide a convenient gameplay layer.
  5. World Boss Challenges: Making world bosses more demanding and more rewarding is a common sentiment.
  6. Echo of Bosses: Adding echoes of notable bosses in open-world events like helltides would enrich the world’s lore and challenge.
  7. Camera Angle Options: The ability to choose different camera angles could enhance the player’s visual experience.
  8. Pricing of Cosmetics: Reducing the price of cosmetic items in the shop to make them more accessible is a significant concern.
  9. Town Mobility: Letting mounts charge in town for faster movement is a practical suggestion.
  10. Revamped Dungeon Respawn: Another popular request is to adjust the respawn mechanics in dungeons for a more player-friendly experience.

Gameplay Innovations

  1. Build Saving Feature: The ability to save builds, even at a gold cost, without redoing Paragon points is a much-wanted feature.
  2. Codex Improvements: Once aspects are extracted, having them go into the codex or allowing re-extraction is a sought-after change.
  3. Auction House and Trade System: Removing account-bound items, making everything tradeable, and introducing a robust crafting system are high on players’ lists.
  4. Endgame Content: A well-structured endgame with dungeons requiring specific roles, better rewards, and unique features like glyphs is a key request.
  5. Visual Enhancements: Cooler skins with ambient effects, akin to Dota 2’s arcana/personas, would add visual flair.
  6. Trading of Uber Uniques: Allowing the trade of Uber Uniques would address the issue of inventory clutter.
  7. Node Adjustments: Replacing magic nodes with rare nodes is a proposed tweak to enhance loot quality.
  8. World Tiers Addition: Introducing higher world tiers like 6 and 7 would provide more challenging content.
  9. Material Conversion: A system to convert materials into desired types would streamline resource management.
  10. Dungeon Density: Increasing monster density in dungeons for a more consistent combat experience is a popular suggestion.
  11. Clan Events: Introducing clan events where donating items/materials yields rewards or boosts experience points would foster community engagement.
  12. Personal Opinions: Some players, however, have specific preferences, like keeping the current goblin spawn rate, focusing on new classes rather than revisiting old ones, and having no practical effects for wings.

In conclusion, the Diablo 4 community’s wishlist for future seasons and expansions is extensive and reflects a deep engagement with the game. These suggestions could significantly enhance the player experience, keeping Diablo 4 at the forefront of the action RPG genre. The developers at Blizzard Entertainment have an opportunity to shape the game in ways that resonate with their dedicated player base, fostering an even more immersive and enjoyable Diablo universe.

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