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The Captured Temple is a temple of Zamorak located north of Falador, south of Goblin Village. It contains six level 17 and two level 22 Monks of Zamorak, and one Wine of Zamorak on a table as well as an altar.

The altar portrays an image of Saradomin but has been vandalised with symbols of Zamorak, which can suggest that the Temple once belonged to Saradominists but was overtaken by Zamorakians.

Stealing wine does not give thieving experience. The wine is used to make Ranging potion.To get the Wine of Zamorak, players may.Kill all the monks in the temple;Steal it when monks are out of range (likely to fail resulting in the player taking damage);Use Telekinetic Grab on it. This can be used to make 40k per inventory.

Stealing the wine manually causes up to 40 life points and stat drain of around 3 points to all combat stats. Also, if players attempt to steal the wine when the monks are not out of range, players will still take the drain and all the monks will attack, and say you are a thief.

The temple is seen in a cutscene during The Temple at Senntisten quest, where Zaros tests his power over Gielinor. He causes an earthquake that destroys a statue of Zamorak. The Monks are infuriated, and blame followers of Saradomin for it.Considering there is a desecrated statue of Saradomin inside the temple it is likely that the temple was taken over by Zamorakian monks.

An update changed the name of the building from “Chaos Temple” to “Captured Temple”.This temple had an altar before What’s Mine is Yours was released; it is now destroyed and unusable. However an update fixed this and its now Useable again.The statue of Zamorak outside the temple looks remarkably similar to Lucien in his rejuvinated form.

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