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Do You Guys Have Any Advice for Gearing To Proceed Forward in PoE

Hello, so I recently started playing the game a few days ago and im currently on Act 4, level 34. Im going for a dual sword duelist. Ive been getting past everything so far with double strike spam but ive started to notice at the end of act 3, I got my ass handed to me like 4 times and I never died before hand, also in the new act, most rare’s just beat by ass. I feel like its an issue with my gear, but I dont know what to gear exactly. Do you guys have any advice or guys for gearing or tips to proceed forward? If you need poe orbs cheap in game, you can choose sale cheap poe currency.

Gearing in PoE

The game is complex and there are alot of things to learn. Towards the end of A3 is when incoming damage starts to ramp up, both in elemental form and physical (A4 primarily) so you dying a bit should be quite ordinary. The game teaches you about the importance of resistances, such as zones featuring monsters dealing cold damage (Merveil’s caverns) prior to a boss dealing cold damage, the same goes for fire damage in Kaom’s area and the other damage types.

With a large enough health pool and/or experience resistances can be skipped or skimped on but as a new player you’ll be in for a frustrating time if you ignore them as the game is effectively designed around you having capped elemental resistances towards the end of A5. I know since its my first character I should get a feel for the game even if I make mistakes but I feel like since I have no idea how to gear up even though im still leveling up.

Couldnt figure out all the modifier stuff but those are the base items. Also when should I start worrying about gear that I should keep as well? I keep seeing the Headhunter belt in videos and im assuming its something I need but is it something I should start looking into now since its level 40 or is that unrealistic and more for endgame once im 80?

Summarize all my questions

  • When should I worry about keeping gear and modifying it with links, etc?
  • Is my current character week based on the link I provided or am I just playing him wrong?
  • Is headhunter belt something I can start going for at my current level (34) or something I should worry about later?
  • Should I use double or dual strike?
  • Any help/info would be appreciated

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