Thread hijacking is not allowed in RuneScape

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Also, thread hijacking is not allowed for Example: If person A is selling something, person B may not post selling that item at lower price.Do not post pointless or annoying messages and avoid making irrelevant or stupid posts that don’t relate to the topic. Your post should also contain more than one single word, this is a discussion forum and not a chatroom.

Refrain from posting entire messages using ALL CAPS, bold, underlined, italic, other colours than the standard text colour and large text. Text in your signature may be wider, but the total signature height including images and text should not be more than 300 pixels high.

This kind of formatting should only be used to emphasize words or statements, or in headers if you are making a long post.Also, please do not reply “A mod will close this…” or “This is spamming!” or anything similar; simply report the post and a moderator will take care of the post. Lastly, do not use many smilies in a row, one smiley is usually enough.

Remember to check out the stickies and announcements at the top of each forums’ topic lists.Posting twice in a row without another user’s post separating them may not be done if your last post was made recently. If you wish to add something to your post, use the edit button to edit your existing post.Images in the signatures may NOT be wider than 600 pixels.

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