I keep getting red-colored messages in my chat box, telling me about random people’s level ups. Is there a way to turn these messages off? I wouldn’t complain about this, but I keep getting the same message sent to me 2-3 times in a row all at once every time someone accomplishes something.

I think it’s great that so-and-so got 120 dungeoneering. It’s great that so-and-so got 99 in whatever Runescape Gold skill. It’s great that so-and-so got a completionist cape. It’s great they managed to do all that. Good for them.

But I honestly couldn’t care less about the achievements of people I don’t know, and have never even heard of. These notifications are completely pointless to me, and due to the fact that they are getting sent to me multiple times for whatever reason, they’re really getting on my nerves.