No runescape patch notes latest update

All of this was in html5.
trying to find the things that changed in this update pretty hard -(

so far i noticed the bank has a tab so people can check ur worn equipment and it just pops up a huge interface along with the backpack this is overkill.

just show the worn equipment tab the same way how the inventory is shown on the right side of the interface.

or even better: have a perm toggle to show equiped gear on the left side of the bank and the inventory on the right side of the bank.

(1)bank colour and transparency is still terrible having a hard time finding items, a diffrent colour and seperate transparency for diffrent tabs would be the best

(2) map details changed awesome stuf!

(3) dungeoneering party interface tab now has a nice <- and -> bar to switch to diffrent tabs depending on ur scale size

(4) mini map changes made dungeoneering harder cant see the outlines of diffrent rooms and where the doors are. ( still no dung map in the mini game hud)

(5) cant seem to do any teleports withing dungeoneering even making gatestone is bugged (report send)

(6) reached the boss room in dungeoneering the exit was halfway trou the ground severall walls were placed incorrect was about to fill in a bug report then the game crashed