Requirements: At least 50 mining , of course, also need to be able to smelt iron forging level (smithing).

Methods: This is a both money, and experience way up the general approach as follows;
1) Bring rune pickaxe, sent to Yanille (you can start with ring of dueling to castle war, walk past)
2) Yanille northeast has a mine, where there are nine iron ore, usually no one excavation. You where to dig iron ore. 3) back to Yanille bank, the iron ore deposit.
4) repeated second and third step, until you feel enough iron.
5) buy coal, basically 180/ea
6) Find a convenient cupola (ghost town of furnace door to door with the banks, the most convenient), steel blocks.
? 7) sold steel block basically 600/ea

Profit: A good thing is that this way you get a lot of experience mining and smithing, taking into account each steel block 360 coal cost you money (if you buy directly if iron ore is 460), each. you should be able to block the profitable 140-240. every 700 hours would be able to refine it, so should be able to earn an average of one hour around 170K it.
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