Top ways to Improve Slayer skills

Slayer skills are extremely important to utilize in Runescape, especially if you are a member. Since you are paying for access to this benefit, why not make the most of it? The Slayer skill, in essence, allows one to kill monsters and other creatures that are extremely difficult, or otherwise impossible to kill without access to the skill.

First, make sure to find the slayer master. Click the Key button in your control panel. Then, navigate to the page that says Slayer Master. Here is a screenshot of this page.

After you get a slayer master, you’ll find out the tasks that you need to complete. To make efficient use of your time, if the slayer master offers you an optional sword or weapon to kill the monster with, buy it. Buying this weapon will decrease the time that it takes to kill the monster and it may also generate you bonus points and rewards. (By the way, make sure that you are on a member’s world during the slaying and receiving of tasks, because it won’t generate you EXP if you do this on a public world.) Also, make sure that you’ve been ASSIGNED to the monster by a slayer master to kill the monster. If you haven’t been assigned, you’ll only gain the items that the monster has. But you’ll gain Slayer experience and the items when you’ve been assigned to a slayer by a slayer master.

Often, people go straight to the Slayer Master, Turael. You’ve probably seen him around in Burthorpe. Stay clear of him because usually, the tasks that he will give you are simple and generate a small amount of EXP.

To get the most EXP, make sure that you are the only slayer that is attacking the monster. If someone else goes for the monster, even if it is almost dead, the Slayer experience points will be halved for you. They will be evenly split between you and the other person. On the flip side, if you see a monster that’s almost dead, even if someone else has got it, try attacking it so that you get some easy EXP. This works especially well when the other slayer is at a low level, because you don’t have to be afraid of heavy retaliation. Also, weaker players may not be able to finish the monster off, but they will weaken it for you so that killing it for you is a walk in the park. Lastly, weaker players take a longer time to kill off the monsters, as they do less damage for each hit or attack that they make. You can easily take advantage of this slow speed by helping them out and finishing the monster off.

As a general tip, if your slayer master gives you easy tasks that donâ’t generate enough EXP, just get them over with quickly. For example, if the Slayer Master that you are working with tells you to kill a bird, just find a chicken and kill it. It counts as a bird, of course. While you may not get the same benefits, you’ll more than make up for it in time saved. Good luck in your slaying!