Issues i’ve found out so far

1. If you allow the option to click through chat boxes and you haven’t locked the zoom option, while scrolling through chat, it zooms in and out at the same time.

2. Also by allowing to click through chat boxes, when I try to click for different tabs i.e. ‘All chat’, ‘Friends chat’ or ‘Clan chat’, it opens the chat alright, but it also clicks through it at the same time.

3. When trying to pm my friend, it doesn’t display the name in the bottom to whom I’m writing to.

4. Total xp isn’t showing properly, it just flasher for millisecond when hovering over total level.

5. The color we choose for private chat messages don’t apply for the ‘has logged out.’ or the ‘has logged in.’

6. Found out that quick prayer tab from action bar isn’t working correctly. When hovered over the tab, options on and off keep switching, making it luck based if prayers turn on/off.-Could this lead in to several ‘overflows’ too?

Things I myself have found:

1. When you hover over the prayer icon on the action bar, the options ‘spazz out’ for lack of better words. There is no way for me to activate my quick prayers by pressing the button anymore.

2. When I set a key to quick heal and press it with food in my inventory, it just tries to cure poison (I think). If that is what it means by heal, then please make it a bit more obvious.

3. In the trade chat window, the text overflows and looks very messy.

4. You can’t see your total xp, it only flashes at you then goes away.

5. There is no more equip interface in the bank… whether that one is accidental or not, I do not know.

6. When messaging someone in private chat with the new window, their name does not show up that you are sending a message to them, which often leads me to confusion of where my Runescape Gold message is really going (I don’t know if i hit the reply button or not).