Regarding runescape warband changes

Alright, I’ve done a lot of edits now that a few days have passed. Here are some thoughts.

First off, I would like to say that I’m fine with the 1k supplies per camp limit, not being able to hop with supplies, and that supplies can be dropped on death. While supplies dropped on death will promote trust trades (and it already has), it makes sense. While this post does talk about those changes, it’s more specifically about the 7 hour sync.runescape money.

Now that you’ve made it perfectly in sync, there’ll be even less people pking once again. There’ll be no time to war if you’re wanting to rush from world to world to get 75. Warbands are now only for an hour a day (20 mins per wave x 3 waves per day).

Additionally, you can see how many players are no longer doing warbands. I’ve gone to several worlds where no one/not many people even showed up to the camp. This update not only discouraged looters, but several pkers. This isn’t necessarily specifically linked to the 7 hour sync, but this update did push a lot of players out of there, and the wilderness is quite dead again.

With this 7 hour sync, it elminates several players who want to warband. Not a lot of players can be on for the specific times that warbands go off now. Please, make the 7 hour cool down shorter, or make the worlds out of sync again. I thought you wanted people in the wilderness 24/7 again, like has been for the last 2 months. This 7 hour limit puts a few thousand, if even, players into the wild for 20-30 minutes a day. That’s a step backwards if you ask me.

You’re restricting those with IRL things or different play schedules to missing out on a piece of content. And with the “glitch” that happens when you miss a day, you’re turning even more players off from doing this piece of content.

These are several peoples’ ideas, not just mine. More ideas on post 5.

? Add BENEFITS for those looting besides the wand. Why would I loot? I won’t be able to have food on me, so I’d be pked quickly, even if there’s only 1 pker per world.

? Remove/shorten the 7 hour sync. This makes the wilderness dead for those inactive times, is unfair to those on certain timezones or with jobs/school/etc, and will be the major deathblow to this DnD and the wilderness. Making it every 1-4 hours would be much better.

? Rollback this update and nerf the xp. A lot more people would be much happier with this. This allows people to still participate in the D and D, but it’d be much less rewarding.

? Make supplies stackable. How are we supposed to defend ourselves with very little space for food, potions, etc? With the increase in pkers and the overall decrease in the number of people doing warbands, not being able to have too many supplies will turn a lot of people away from doing this DnD.

? Extend the time active on warband camps. This would allow more people to loot/pk while the camps are active, instead of only staying up for 5-10 minutes. If it were maybe 2-5x longer, people would be able to loot/pk their three camps without having to wait that 7 hour period.

Please fix this somehow.

Questions I have (to other players/jagex):

? How is selling supplies different from the ranks? Still a trust trade.

? What about those on different timezones that are not on your schedule?

? I already see threads popping up for warband chats that are world specific. Is this what was intended? To have 90+ chats that are world specific, clogging up the games and forums? Groups still run warbands, just not one group.

? Does the 75 per day reset at the SOF reset, or after 24 hours of the 3 camps are looted? I’m hearing a lot of people saying 24 hours now.

Does pking someone with even 1 supply, but not turning it to Querc, count as a 1 of the 3 camps now?