Runescape Hitpoints Skill Guide

One of the most important concepts to understand in Runescape is that of hitpoints, sometimes called HP, health, or life points. These basically represent how many hits your character can take before he or she dies. The more hitpoints you have, the more powerful monsters you can take on and the longer you’ll be able to survive in massive battles. If your hitpoints reach zero, your character will reappear at your spawn point, which is often far away from where you died.

Increasing Your Hitpoints

One very important goal in Runescape is to increase your hitpoints so you can take more damage and fight stronger monsters. The best way of doing this is to fight. Each time you hit an enemy in Runescape, your hitpoints increase. The exact increase depends on how much damage you did. The basic formula is to take the damage you cause and multiply it by 1.33. Dealing 20 points of damage to a monster would, therefore, raise your hitpoints by 26. This is the most efficient way of gaining more health in Runescape, but there are other ways.

Items Available to Free Players and Members

There are two items players can use to raise their hitpoints. They include the Genie’s Lamp and the Book of Knowledge. Both can be received by completing random events. The Genie’s Lamp comes from the Genie event, while the Book of Knowledge is a reward from the Surprise Exam event.

Members Only Mini-Game Rewards

A paying member of Runescape has three more options for increasing his or her hitpoints. They include winning the Pest Control mini-game or the Tears of Guthix mini-game, although the Tears game will only increase a player’s hitpoints if it is their lowest skill. Finally, players may receive the Antique Lamp by completing various quests and by winning the Varrock Museum mini-game.

Gaining Hitpoints from Jewelry

Equipping different types of jewelry can give you more hitpoints or provide other benefits that can save your hitpoints. Here are just a few jewelry options.