Look, I don’t like taking risks when it comes to bosses so I never do nex or king kalph or QBD, so whenever I hear about another crazy hard boss with insane damage and HP I just facepalm and ignore it.
Can’t we have some bosses that don’t require a ton of people helping out but are still difficult to solo?
I mean, come on, it’s like every new boss needs to be a level of magnitude above the last one. This doesn’t have to be like hollywood, ppl…

I would like to simply say QBD was a botted boss.

Just solo nex if you want a difficult boss. I’ve been thinking about buying the new magic gear and soloing Nex for a while. Its quite a challenge.

Just don’t respond saying stuff like ” i dont have 200m to buy gear blah blah blah”. You can just solo armadyl boss Kree’arra until you can afford better stuff.

I’ve been doing a few Kiln runs over the last few weeks, since I’m a bit uneasy on going to real bosses with the server issues.

It takes like 45 minutes, gives you a gauranteed 3m for that small time spent (better than bankstanding and getting no runescape money), and it’s incredibly easy with Obsidian (seriously, you can tank the Jads while eating an occasional rocktail with it due to the massive damage absorb). If the servers happen to crap out and I die, big deal, it’s a safe minigame.

I wouldn’t mind going back to actual bossing, but I can’t say I’ve disliked the Fight Kiln runs that much in the process.