Too many runescape sof events

Im not going to bash the SOF. And I like seeing some special content every once in awhile. But Every 2 weeks or so is getting a little crazy. Regardless of how you feel about the SOF it should be noted that there is a “Special” SOF event so often I have lost track of what I won. For that matter what any of this stuff does.

My suggestion is have Events like the Golden Chinchompa on the SOF for 2-3 weeks a month then take a few weeks break. Also to give people something for all the remaining items that they have not used during the event have some type of exchange rate that gives players coins in return for getting rid of the once in a life time item that they can not use otherwise.

They really need to give these special Squeal events a break, or change how they are done. It seems too many of them of late have you collecting different pieces or whatever to even get a reward, and then making it really difficult to collect all without buying spins.

I mean, we’ve had what? The hearts to collect for Valentine’s, Christmas presents, star ore, pieces of djinn lamps, those crown pieces, chinchompa food, and probably some I’m forgetting. So yeah, it’s getting overwhelming as well as making these feel less special when they are done.

I do like your idea of being able to trade extras or the parts we don’t use in for something else. After every single one of these events these things just rot in my bank until they disappear when they are removed from the Runescape 2007 Gold game.