Runescape 3 Rune Mysteries

Magic place where in the Toolbox magic book. Open magic book, you will see such an interface. You will find that you can use the magic color, can not use the gray. Issued by magic, mainly by the runes, runes. Cane increase magic attack and defense, a property wand, that property Rune indefinitely. Combat magic attack magic and effects magic two attacks but also the size and attributes. Size Strike, Bolt Bolt Blast shock wave three properties gas air, water, water, soil Earth, Fire Fire Fire Blast wave of flame, non-members to attack the head of the magic.


To the Wizard Tower’s dungeon and Sedridor conversation, he would want you to take a small package (package runescape power leveling) but you will amulet to him. Conversation and the Sorcerer’s Stone Abrey (Varrock businessman), he will want a note (notes) to the difficult shaman. Conversation and difficult shaman, he will return the amulet to you and said some note, to complete the task. Bonus: You can use the Sorcerer’s Stone rating and an “air handmade amulet talisman” air The note said: “rune essence” in the snow. If you think that snow, you necessary and difficult shaman or the Philosopher’s Stone to talk, they will take you to the legend that snow.

The your runescape user will be automatically transferred to the one of the places in the snow, Minning dig rune Essence in the corner, one each at the four corners exports (portal); it will let you leave. Buy Runescape Gold altar, it can be opened with the amulet and Stone rune essence. The Magic have two types of fighting skills. The article stresses the battle magic.