While bots have always been around ever since the very first program was released

I’m part of another gaming community and bots/external programs were ALWAYS a problem as well.. but they ALL share a weakness in how they connect to the game and work. That community completely did away with bots and blocked how they connected which was a loophole in the coding. Jaggex has been around for over 10+ years and they still can’t fix the exploit the people are using to get in? I just don’t understand how they could not have fixed it after all these years.

While bots have always been around ever since the very first program was released(thanks to that person for ruining the game btw), but it was never as bad as it is now. I remember there being a handful of bots between worlds back in the day… on 07 now there are literally hundreds of bots per server and a handful of players.¬†Runescape 2007 Gold.¬†Skillers like me are finding it hard to get logs or anything with a limited inventory system(mining, trees, ect… random ammounts can be got from each one at a time). It’s literally impossible to cut yews when bots with 99 are hogging the logs(level gets priority) and there are a dozen at each tree.

Dozens of threads are being made about bots on their own forums and are going ignored. Their own ‘fix’ for it is to go to a single world and ban the bots there… worse still they ADVERTISE when they are going to do so. “Oh hey guys we’re going to ban bots today on this world… so don’t be there!” Seriously? Besides the fact unless these bots are logging in from the same IP, multiple logins for one IP… Runescape Gold.¬†I fail to see how going to a single world with ONE mod is going to do anything. I really think the worst part is the fact they are ignoring threads and emails sent my PAYING members… I mean not even giving the decency of an auto reply(much as I hate them)… just totally ignoring them.

Frankly this is the ONLY mmorpg I’ve ever played where bots are in such high volumes and seem to go ignored…. regardless of the fact it’s a paid game and bots are paid accounts as well. I don’t know… just seems like Jaggex is only thinking about the revenue made off the bot accounts… which are nothing but farm accounts to sell gold to people paying with real money… which in the long term WILL kill a game like 07 which is still in the baby stages of starting again.