Runescape EOC “old school” familiarity

I’m going to keep this thread short and briefly explain why I think EoC did not turn out to be much of a success (if at all?). I’ll also offer some easy changes that I believe could bring back some “Old School” feel that many players appreciate and know.

First, it should be common knowledge that humans resist change. This is not the same thing as saying “change is bad.” However,Runescape EoC brought on too many changes in too short a period of time! Yes, a Beta was offered to become familiar with EoC, but what percentage of the player base actually logged onto the Beta? I would bet that a large portion did not. EoC should have been rolled out in smaller phases, as to not “shock” the playerbase with change.

Some easy things that could bring back some “old school” familiarity:

1) Increase the cooldown on abilities! Basic attacks don’t even matter when you can button smash abilities every second! This will also bring back the importance that weapon speed used to have in Old School.

2) Bring back weapon specs! Weapons are so generic now. Special attacks used to make a weapon more interesting and fun to use. I suspect Pker’s will also like the re-addition of weapon specs.

3) Add some importance to the Strength stat. I can’t believe Strength has not been updated to have more of an impact yet. Strength used to be one of the most important combat skills to train, now what does it do? I don’t understand how Jagex could miss this. Players work hard to train combat skills, and EoC made combat skills less relevant. Think of the player who worked hard training combat skills before EoC, to only find out that the combat skills aren’t nearly as important in EoC. Encouraging right?

Anyway, sorry if I vented a bit. I think Jagex is ambitious, but seem to lack some common sense when rolling out certain changes. I believe these 3 changes I proposed should make EoC a bit better.

Ahoy cap’n, i’ll say why i agree with all your points:
1) Increase the cooldown on abilities! Basically, the fact that you can spam abilities every second makes the speed stat useless, why use a weapon that hits faster but hits less than one that has slowest speed and hits very high if the ability speed is the same for both? Makes no sense to me…
2) Bring back weapon specs! I agree that weapons are generic now. There should be an ability with high cooldown called “special attack” or “weapon special” that varies from one weapon to another.Bring back the dds special!
3) Add some importance to the Strength stat.Cant say much about this, but i agree, and maybe there should be some notification saying “bonus damage from strenght skill” or something like that, same for all other combat skills.