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Immense Heat is a special move for the Pyrelord familiar. Players can smelt a gold bar and a gem if one wishes into an item of jewellery without using a furnace, provided that they have the required Crafting level.In the Shades of Mort’ton minigame, building and repairing the Temple of Mort’ton requires 3 building resources.

Best places to craft jewellery: Al-Kharid furnace, Burgh de Rott furnace, Port Phasmatys furnace, Falador furnace, Shilo village furnace, Neitiznot furnace, Piscatoris Fishing Colony, East Ardougne furnace.

Unstrung amulets can be sold at a general store. In order to sell amulets at Grum’s in Port Sarim or enchant them, they must be strung, using a ball of wool.Stringing an amulet gives an additional 4 experience per amulet, and spinning the ball of wool is another 2.5.

Magic skills can be used on gold jewellery to be High alched into coins.Magic can also be used to enchant gold jewellery into powerful equipment for adding combat bonuses, transportation, etc.Operating the Crafting cape will boost the player’s Crafting level by 1. However, level 99 crafting is required. Green cells are those which offer the highest bonuses obtainable for the item on that row.

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