Free for all clan runescape wars

“I’d be bothered to go if the place wasn’t so dead.”

This is the general feeling most players have towards FFA Clan Wars.

Clan Wars once had a community so large, it was spread out amongst many different servers. Today, it is rare to see even 20-30 players at Clan Wars at any given time.

As a player who goes to Clan Wars on a daily basis, I know first-hand that the Clan Wars community has grown to dislike the minigame due to the lack of players and lack of rewards.

The Solution:

The solution to bringing the FFA portal back to life has no simple or easy fix.
We have to give the community a reason to go there, which would lead more players to go, thus creating a snowball effect of more and more players attending Clan Wars.


1. Make the FFA Safe Portal like the Clan Citadel.
This means that regardless of what world you enter Clan Wars, you would be able to fight people who entered the portal from different worlds. This would also apply to Red Portal.
This has an added benefit, seeing as it would make Red Portal luring much harder.

I’ve gone to the Safe-Portal on World 2.
A friend of mine has also gone to the Safe-Portal, but did so in World 18.
We would both be in the same portal and be able to see each other, regardless of what world we were in previously.

2. A reward system for Clan Wars.

Some ideas on how this could be accomplished:
Note: These are just some ideas, I’m just hoping for some form of reward system.
a) Make Random Boss-Monsters that spawn every few hours in the White/Red Portals. These Monsters would be located near the back of the portal. They would drop unique items that are only to be obtained if you’ve dealt a certain amount of damage and stayed in combat for a set period of time. The Red Portal will also have this, with a much higher rate of obtaining one of the unique items.

b) Make a system for points based on kills in the FFA portals. To avoid Runescape 3 Gold players camping weaker levels, points will be based on the combat level of the player you kill. With each kill of the same player, the amount of points you get is lowered. This will cause players to have to kill different players for points, rather than focusing on one single lower leveled player.

There will be Reward Shop with unique Potions that are only to be used in the FFA portals. There will also be unique buffs(much like the crystals in the fight kiln), amongst other beneficial items. Perhaps a mini-game armor set for Clan Wars?

Ideas Continued…

To add a bit more fun into Clan Wars…

3) Juggernaut
This will be a random buff that is given to a player every so often. During this period, the player will have a small boost in stats, specifically in defense and constitution. The player will also have the cool-down timer of a few abilities lowered, such as defense abilities.

4) Updating Clan Wars so it’s not all multi.

Clan Wars should have both single and multi-zones. The area close to the barrier would be a Single-Way combat zone, while the areas that are more north would be Multi. Another fix for this, is to make the ‘single zone combat’ ability work for Clan Wars, not just the Wilderness.


A small amount of experience should given based off of the amount of damage you have done to your enemy. Nothing too insane, but something that matches a lower leveled training method. There will be a maximum amount of exp you can get from any one player. This is to prevent the use of spamming food in order to get large amounts of exp.

6) Ability cool-downs on death.

When you have died, all abilities should have cooled-down upon re-entering the portal.