Runescape not happy jan

Deleting my jagex cache is only a temporary fix, when i got to the lobby and come back i have to reload rs, then every couple of hours i have to go back and delete my cache again, i really think jagex needs to fix this problem bc I cant stand this, I cant pvm bc the servers dc, and now my friend dced at qbd for trying to get a kill in 6 min before the update yesterday morning, i went to bless his grave but couldnt bc he wasnt online. My friend lost his tetsu helm, off-hand rapier and melee boots and melee gloves, over a 100m loss, and i understand that its his fault. What makes me mad is the fact that all the black screens make it so i cant get crap done such as smithing, questing, or sitting in the ge flipping.

I will not update my graphics card again for this, and im done deleting cache being it my 8th time doing it. Im sorry if you find this rude, but i want help so i can enjoy the game i love and have spent many years playing.

You know I’m hardly the guy to wave “the banner of sympathy” that so many sycophants and opportunists seem to do like a knee jerk to Jagex’s technical faults and difficulties, but in fairness they’ve tried to implement new features to give the Runescape Gold game more appeal to existing and new members alike.

However everyone must bear in mind that Jagex is a company, a business and these new features are not simply being introduced “out of the kindness of someone’s heart” but have a purpose. That purpose being to make money.

Now many of us have seen the company take a more..ahem.. attentive approach to the money making aspects of the game than might have existed in the past and againn, in all fairness, that’s not unreasonable at all.

However when the tradeoff to a functional product, is implementation of new features that cease to make the original product functional, THAT is just bad business.


Clans are suffering from this, membership is suffering from this and people in general are simply not going to abide by another series of dysfunctional mishaps under the guise of “creating a better game.”

Unless Jagex can competently improve the game, WHILE KEEPING IT FUNCTIONAL, they should be ready to write some refund checks (figuratively as most will probably more eagerly welcome a crediting to their cc or paypal accounts) if they can’t get this ship sailing.

You can’t put a flux capacitor in a DeLorean that can’t hit 88mph, guys and you’re already trying to replace the f.c. with a Mister Fusion while your car is doing 45 at best (on whitewall tires, I might add).