So I was picking White Berries to recover from losing my bank to a Random Event and I took the wrong route back to Edgeville.

I knew I was going to die and I was skulled from attacking a bot so I decided to drop my Rune Axe (I couldn’t afford to loose it, I lost a scimitar doing this 15 minutes beforehand).
The poison killed me and straight from Lumbridge castle I ran to the nearest man,  RuneScape Gold. pickpocketed 18gp, bought a bronze hatchet from Bob, made a canoe and travelled to the last stop at level 36 Wilderness. I ran back as fast as I could to the location and saw this.

Nearly all of the White Berries had de-spawned, but my Rune hatchet was still on the floor. Great example of karma right there. Thanks for reading. :}